Tuesday, 21 March 2017


"We should buy 5 Year Old's Mummy a birthday cake on the way home," says 5 Year Old. "It is her birthday and she would like a caterpillar one."

"That's a nice idea," I say, "but remember 5 Year Old's Mummy is being very successful
on her diet, and she won't want cake!"

5 Year Old nods sagely.

"We should buy a cake anyway, and YOU could have some," she suggests.

"No, no," I protest, "for I too am on a diet, and cannot sacrifice my incredible hotness for some fondant and sponge!"

5 Year Old whole-heartedly agrees.

As she gets closer to the shop, she has another selfless idea.

"We should stop and get cakes or sweeties for 13 Year Old Sister and 10 Year Old Brother," she says, "they would like that."

"But they have already had treats this week, and don't need any more messes."

"And 13 Year Old Sister is a vegetarian now." Which I'm almost certain disallows cakes, yes, cream is murder.

We return home, and 5 Year Old unpacks her things. But what can this be, wrapped in tin foil?

"3 cream cakes I made, and they are ALL for me!"

How does she figure that, I wonder.

"You and mummy don't want cake, you are on diets. And Brother and Sister don't want cake, they have had enough messes. And Sister is a vegetarian!"

Oh yes.

Wait, hang on a minute...

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