Sunday, 2 April 2017

Chiggy-wigs Eat Chicken Pox Spots

"I saw a Killer Bug today at school," the 5 Year Old informs me.

"A Killer Bug? What does one of those look like?" I ask.

"Black and red," she tells me. "Not stripes like a bee, more of a red pattern. You know when you squirt water out of a bottle at your face?"

No, I think. "Yes," I say.

"Like that."

Oh. "And these bugs actually kill you, do they?"


Oh. "Why are they called 'Killer Bugs', then?"

"Because they bite you with the wiggly things on their noses."

Oh. "We should probably call them Bitey Bugs, then," I suggest.

"No, that's what we should call chiggy-wigs," she says. "They bite chicken pox."

"They do what?"

"They bite chicken pox. The red spots, they bite them."

"What for?"

"They can smell the red spots. It makes them chase you and bite you. My friend Other 5 Year Old is COVERED in them, she's got chicken pox, she must STINK to a chiggy-wig!!"

I imagine so. "But why do they bite chicken pox?"

"They like the taste," she assures me.

"Oh. What do they eat usually?"

"Just chicken pox spots. All the time. They go where they can smell them!"

"Oh. They must go hungry a lot when people don't have chicken pox!"

She nods sagely. "They must. They must."

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