Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner - Bat Mat!

"What's THIS?" I ask, admiring the 5 Year Old's artwork as I pick her up from After-School Club.

"It's my Bat Mat!" she exclaims, as if this requires no further explanation.

"What's a Bat Mat?" I ask. "Is it a small carpet from Bruce Wayne's house?"

Surprisingly, this goes over her head!

"No, it is just a normal Bat Mat."

"Ah! It's very brightly coloured!"

"Yes, the bats are at a disco! They are having a boogie!" She leans in conspiratorially and lowers her voice. "Boogie is a word that means the same as dance!"

"Do bats like discos?" I enquire. She nods. "Only I thought they liked quiet. And darkness. And," adopting a Christian Bale growl, "the NIGHT!"

She thinks. "It's a silent disco." There is such a thing, kids.

"So what is the Bat Mat for again? Is it a mat for wiping your feet or a table mat or what?"

"Well, Other 5 Year Old, 5 Year Old Boy and 5 Year Old Boy's Friend made one, so I did too."

Fair enough.

"Only I think it is a mat for sitting on to make your bum comfortable on the floor!"

Ah. It flutters in the breeze. I doubt it will work.

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