Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Wedding Adversary!

It is Mummy and Daddy's Wedding Anniversary. Daddy had forgotten all about it, and Mummy was looking forward to catching him out, so the 5 Year Old had been sworn to silence so as not to tip him off.

She has taken this so seriously that she cries when the subject is mentioned even after the cat is out of the bag, so Daddy decides to have a chat about it on the way home.

"So, do you know what day it is today?" he asks. She purses her lips and shakes her head. "It's okay to talk about it now, Daddy knows he forgot!"

"It is... oh, one of those special LOVE days, like Valentine's!"

"Do you remember what it is called?"

"The... Wedding Adversary!"



"And do you know what you do on a Wedding Anniversary?"

Her face falls and she goes all floppy.

"You get BABYsat!"

"Well, that's what YOU do! Do you know what Mummy and Daddy are doing?"

"You are going on a DATE!" This is accompanied by a little dance.

"And what is a date?"

"It's what you do with people you looooooooove. It's a thing of loooooooooove."

"But what do you actually do?"

"You eat berries!"


"And you eat strawberries."

"I see."

"And you eat chicken."

"Indeed. And where do we go to eat berries, strawberries and chicken?"

"To a RESTaurant."

"And is that all we do?"

"No, you do the things of looooooooove that people do with people they looooooooooove!"

"And what are they?"

This is a mime. She plants a big smacker in the palm of her hand and throws it. Then she runs full pelt at me and flings her arms around my waist.

"And eat berries," she concludes, her voice muffled in my abdomen.

Yes. The berries are very important.

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